Meet The SERP Assault Team

Chris Chris - pic


I’m Chris is a Dad of 2 boys and spent 20 years in the Navy.  

If you’re looking to climb up the search engine results pages rapidly and generate more organic traffic – Chris will make that happen! 

Saanvi - Head of Operations


Saanvi spent 9 years in the Royal Air Force.

 Growth and management hold a high importance with the scaling and development of a company or business; Saanvi is our dedicated person to help take care of this for
Nathaniel - Web Design


Meet Nathaniel, our technical SEO expert here at SERP Assault. He spent 7 years in the US Navy.

He’ll make sure that your website can be easily crawled, rendered, indexed and ranked by search engines.
Franco - Content & PR


Franco crafts results-driven blog posts, articles, white papers and more that are designed to offer value to your readers, and drive traffic to the most important web pages.

Franco is a veteran of the Canadian Defence Forces.
You may have noticed that as a team, we all have one thing in common. We are all veterans of military service.

At SERP Assault we pride ourselves in working with veterans and armed forces leavers that have their own business.

Remember: to be found, you first have to be seen.
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